Remove the costly bottlenecks from lead discovery

From idea to drug candidate

With ChemPass AI-assisted discovery (AID) Platform you can get patentable leads and candidates for your therapeutic field targets.


SynSpace is the first versatile design platform that harnesses the power of rule-based AI for forward reaction-based design.
The built-in solutions enabled by a user-friendly GUI or the API can be used for library design or various lead optimization ideation tasks such as scaffold hopping, side-chain optimization or retrosynthesis.

Our Services

Partner with us to advance your projects in collaboration with our innovative team that will apply our unique AI technology. Full lead discovery projects benefiting from our AI-platform or smaller med-chem problem solving needs, as well as library design requests are equally important to us.

  • AI-Assisted Lead Discovery
  • Medicinal Chemistry Problem Solving
  • Library Design


Unparalelled diversity
in design

Based on our robust synthetic knowledge-based AI system, ChemPass can produce a vast variety of relevant and novel ideas for lead optimization tasks.

Unparalelled speed
in design

With its purpose-built technology ChemPass can access and evaluate a vast chemical space in short cycle times.

Unparalelled synthetic

SynSpace’s robust practical synthesis knowledge allows ChemPass to design tractable synthesis routes. Proprietary reactions and synthetic know-how can be included.